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Eq. Divided pg 61 by byLisboa Eq. Divided pg 61 by byLisboa
Is even "unworthily" a word?

Oh well.

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norad2terran Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
A house divided indeed.
StreamOverlord Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015
*First And Second Panels* OK, Are All Of Those Crimes Even Real? (Excluding The Murder Of Blueblood XD)


PS: I Agree With Fujin777!
Fujin777 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
(Fifth comment here since I replied to this dude named pyscho789): Twilight, get your head out of your ass as your actions bring nothing, but shame and dishonor to the Royal Sisters. Diversity is the future, not your (censored) house or its teachings.
Fujin777 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Heirs? Heirs my (censored) ass! For committing atrocities including crimes of genocide, Moon and Star is not the rightful heirs to Equestria at all and what hubris did they along with the other houses and the cult did the leaders believe that they can protect their pets from other beings who want to stop them and get away with committing atrocities forever?

 If they have not mastered even these basic primitives nor grasp the consequences of their actions which would make the Royal Sisters and the Founders of Equestria weep in shame along with disgust, then none of the houses or the Cult have obtained the right to rule Equestria.

Sorry if I'm sounding like the Ur-Didact from Halo 4, but that part of his speech to Master Chief almost reflects what I would say to them if I appeared out of nowhere and stopped everyone in this comic page.
psycho789 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
all of the house's and the cult are all pretty evil that is kinda the idea
Twilight runs a religious hegemony that purges all heretics
rarity's house is pretty much capitalism gone bad
applejack runs a racial supremacy
rainbow is the leader of a military dictatorship
fluttershy's house is pretty much a bunch of terrorist hippies
and the cult is just insane but they like to laugh so I think they should win just because it would be kinda funny
Fujin777 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Cult? No bloody way! They're just as bad if not worse than the five houses mate! For they are not like I said worth of ruling Equestria for their atrocities make them unfit for Equestria and they stand as much of a threat to the land as the other houses including Moon and Star. In my upcoming story or story arc in my Equestria Chronicles called Equestria Divided Saga, my two OCs Arthur R Hanson and Lockheed Ellison fight the six factions which however won't be easy as the six factions will pull out all of the stops to stop them.

(Equestria Divided Saga Preview idea for my Equestria Chronicles Saga and it has Shining Armor and Cadence)

*EQDV Cadence is talking to EQDV Shining Armor after they found out about the Super Warrior duo in private*
EQDV Cadence: The Inquisition deny they exist along with the Cult and other houses for a reason....likely out of fear and to avoid looking weak.
EQDV Shining Armor: Why is that and who are they really?
*EQDV Cadence shows a bunch of photos she snuck away from the Inquisition*
EQDV Cadence: At Redheart's Refuge, the Inquisition was met with defeat and the ones who do know they exist in secret away from us call them several names including The Winter Soldiers. Trouble happens, they appear, they take out the combatants, and leave quickly. They don't hesitate to use lethal force to ensure they're not followed. They're rumored to be allied with this group called The Traveling Caravan, but that's uncertain. The thing is, one of them is a unicorn while the other is something else which explains why the Archmagister wants them dead or wants to use them for her own ends.
*They look up and to their shock, one of them is fleeing with the element of Magic just as Archmagister Twilight arrives which the couple hide the pictures*

EQDV Twilight: Did you see him?!
EQDV Shining Armor: I'm on it!
*EQDV Shining Armor chases after Iron Eagle/Arthur Hanson on foot or hoof*
EQDV Shining Armor: Get back here!
*The chase reaches the city limits which EQDV Shining Armor throws a shield at Iron Eagle/Arthur Hanson*
EQDV Twilight (watching): That should-
*Everyone watches in stunned silence as Iron Eagle/Arthur Hanson catches the shield with ease before tossing it back*
EQDV Shining Armor (Gets tossed back a few feet): Ooof! What the hay?
*Runs to look for the thief, but finds nothing*

If you get the reference, you get a cookie.
psycho789 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
I was supporting the cult as a joke. the actual house would support if I had too choose one of the six it would probably be the stormwings for several reasons first being they emulate the Spartans with a pinch of Rome which are my two favorite ancient civilizations the second being they have a slightly more morally right goal (by about 0.000000001% more but still) which is to restore order which is better than others. that being said they are still pretty evil that's the whole premise who ever you root for you root for the bad guy which is brilliant I love this premise. the runner up would be the moon & star why? oh simple in fiction I find religious hegemony's interesting and one of the worst house's winning would be an interesting end plus in strategy games when given the option I play as the religious fanatics because why not but I digress. anyways I personally think that story you are writing misses the point of equestria divided (though I may be totally wrong) the main idea is that every one has fallen to a terrible low, once great Friends have turned into the worst of enemy's, once righteous ponies have twisted and turned those morals into perversions of their once good aspects. on a few final notes Arthur R Hanson and Lockheed Ellison are not good pony names sorry and finally the reference was winter solder and it was from the title of the second captain america movie. now for reading my rant here is your reward, this is a link to a rare picture of Karl Marx and pinkie pie right after they made communism (sorry for any grammical mistakes and mispelling I am a stupid teenager)
Fujin777 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
*Gives you the cookie*

That's good you got the reference from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and also, Arthur R Hanson and Lockheed Ellison were both once human, but were both changed into ponies arriving at Equestria from some mysterious ancient pony magic and they choose to keep their old names as so they remember who they once were. I rather be a rebel than align with any of those factions because they've not only betrayed Equestria, but they've betrayed the elements and themselves.

Here's my answer if I was asked to join any of those factions which would be funny if I gave it to my two OC's:… or this:…
psycho789 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
be warned most factions are well oiled machines when it comes to removing rebels and dissenters but I wish you good luck writing you are very witty good sir/madam/sentient computer.
Fujin777 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the feedback and after the Equestria Divided Arc or Saga, the two OCs Arthur R Hanson and Lockheed Ellison end up being scared from it though they'll have friends and their families to help deal with the return home.

Arthur Hanson/Iron Eagle (looks at Sweetie Belle): If I can't defeat the Archmagister, you must activate my suit's self-destruct sequence for I will sacrifice myself to keep this suit's tech out of her reach if it comes to it. Get behind me!
*Gets up and stares down the leader of Moon and Star as she arrives*
Arthur Hanson/Iron Eagle: It's just you and me Archmagister Twilight Sparkle.
Archmagister or EQDV Twilight Sparkle: No....for it'll be just me heretic!
*As Sweetie Belle runs with Applebloom and Scootaloo with the Cake Twins in tow, they hear him speak*
Arthur Hanson/Iron Eagle: At the end of today one will stand proud, one will fall disgraced..........

*Fight begins*
Archmagister or EQDV Twilight Sparkle (fires up her horn): You still fight for those weak traitors! That's why you and Captain Equestria are weak and pathetic!!!!!
staplesponge Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
"Perversions?" That could mean a lot of things, so what does it mean in this context?
T-2238 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
Rarity : "What if I refuse?"
Twilight: "Bring ... the cushions!"
TheIflame Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
....I really hope Rarity has something in her hooves.
I want Whitegold to show what's what in their own city!
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