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OK, so I wrote that previous journal and thought that there were some points I wanted to expand on, details, mostly:
In no particular order:

I am not entirely neutral in this story: since I am a tad biased and I am a huge Rares fan, I opted in the first place that her faction would be the one who would get the worst part of this..."arc" I imagined. That included Rarity's death.
I envisioned it as a scene and a flashback at the same time.
-So there's Rares, right? All being in the process of being lynched by the mob. She recognizes some ponies that she helped in secret, buy looked down on in public and stuff. Then this stallion comes and reaches her flank, prones her and attempts to rape. Gruesome, of course. Then flashback happens: Terrible argument at the Ivory Tower between Rarity and then alive Blueblood....I'll attempt to give a small dialogue, so bear with me:

B: That's what you are! An useless parasite who leeches off my fortune and position!
R: Like you are any better! All you have is inherited! You have done NOTHING by your damn self!
(Happy marriage, indeed.)
B: I only played along your little scheme because you happen to be pretty enough to be my preferred accesory. You should be thankful I took you after all this war broke out! *picks her face* You think you are worth anything now that auntie is gone? Now that all she believed in has vanished along with her? My name gives you value now. If you want to keep that you should earn it.
R: Just what in blazes ar you suggesting, swine? (She gets nervous, here)
B: Your commoner background doesn't let you understand? I demand an heir! And you'll give it to me!
R: Stay back! My bargain was to marry you to quell the rumours about your...tendencies, in exchange for my family's economical safety!
B: Times have changed, my dear. Marriage won't convince anyone these days. In order to maintain my reputation and ensure that my legacy contiunues, I need an heir. A STALLION heir! Someone who, like his father, steers Equestria into the right direction after the mess that MARES and their poor leadership have created...(Rarara bursts into laughter)
B: Society is starting to wonder. If they wonder, Rumors may follow. And rumors can put my credibility to risk! I want an heir!
R: You are delusional if you think I'll let you touch me. Unless you want the stain of a divorce into your family!
B: I could let you and your family starve into the Undercity, wench.
R: And to risk what's left of your reputation after ALL I've discovered? You are not liked by everyone, my dear husband...
B. Neither are you. As I told you, you are worth something only because you are married to me. Maybe...I can take what I need from you right and now!
R: You wouldn't dare!
B: I married you! I can do any damn thing!
R: Think again! *Throws paper at him* You know I've been...seeing my medic. These are the results.
R: Unless you have any kind of healing powers with that big name of yours *yawn*, I'm afraid you can't have your heir even if you wanted to...
B: Well, what if I call bullshit on this and figure it out by myself? *Tackles Rares on the ground*
R: You can try it if you want'll think you got a blowjob from a piranha!
B: What?
R: (Bursts into laughter)

Flashbacks cuts with the rapist undercity stallion in pain, blood and tears. Holding ito his groin like a hurt puppy (try to picture it, its fun) "FUCK! SHE HAD CRYSTALS ON HER...HER..." Beaten and bloodied as she was, Rarity gave a smug grin.

Flashback continues.
B: So the first stage of your disease is the partial crystalization of your reproductive system...including...
R: I'm afraid so.
B: This is a problem indeed, my lovely wife. Society won't bless a divorce in such a short time...and I can't let you go just like that, either...what to do....
R: ...
B: As I said, Society is wondering....then let them wonder. After all, the problem is not me. Let's face it, once they eventually find out that you are incapable of producing someone to continue my legacy, then society itself will prompt me to get rid of you. I am patient, after all...I'll give it a year.
R: !
B: By then two things will happen: You'll either die or become insane...and your sister will become of age.
B: Oh yes, that flower have almost blossomed, and she promises to give me a lot less of trouble than you. I'm sure her noble heart will want to care for you once your disease have crippled you enough...
Flashback ends. Yadda yadda, they kill her in present time, yadda yadda.

Then after Manehattan destruction, Rarity finds herself contained inside a gem. The ruby shard who once had the shape of a heart, exactly. Spike finds it after dealing with the Pillar of Joy and eventually it becomes the dragon's conscience by slowly returning him to sanity on brief periods of time. Never knew how, but that was the idea.

Ok...another important thing in this arc that I envisioned:

AJ's Spirit of Truth (it is actually a thing, look at her bio)
Spirit of Starswirl (You know, that thing Twi summoned)
The Laughing Mare
The Everfree Liege
and the "Will of the Sky" that thing that summons Rocs and shit

Those things "spiritual guides" and sorta stuff are actually the same being. (In my head anyway) Evil, of course. Since these once faithful mares with their Harmoy traits got into contact, due to their distress and corruption of those traits, seeking guidance of those spirits, things got even worse. It feigns obedience (Starswirl), omniscience (Spirit of Truth), Omnipotence (Liege and Sky will) and shows off a bit of it's "true nature" as the Laughing mare. So I decided these things are nothing but the Nightmare miasma under several disguises. It changed it's tactic passing from possession (Nightmare Moon or Rarity, if that's your thing) to influence and manipulation. That way it can not only destroy Equestria, but even if it fails, the Nightmare miasma can't be destroyed without taking out all of the leaders that fell under it's influence. So wins or fails, it can still cause a lot of pain and suffering. So yeah. War is because miasma.
Be thankful I didn't finish.

Why Whitegold isn't in this you say? Too materialistic to care. Or not? Also, spies. Sorry, that I didn't think trough.

Another thing, another thing...A couple of song lyrics I intended to add at some points...
-Twilight is at top of the Ivory Tower then "LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK AT THE TOWER OF STONE! I SEE A RAINBOW RISING" (Stargazer - Dio) Stormwing comes epicly.
-Some parts of Battlefield by Blind Guardian as well.
-When Dashie takes on Twilight some parts of Bal Sagoth's Callisto Rising fit into the fight...
-When Rares is being killed some Queen's The Show must go on might have been added...
and so on...

What else, what else...oh.
When the Crusaders are all "suited up" some excerpts from the "Moon children" questions from "Majora's Mask" were inteded to finish the epilogue. Along with a small snowing indicating that another Wendigo Winter was about to start...

And of course, Infected Manehattan and the unlikely team of survivors are a nod to "Left 4 Dead"

If I remember some more stuff I'll let you know.




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The rules would be the same, with perhaps a few added extras like Specials Unit cards to boost attack or defense. 

There's already the map PoorYorik made and that could still be useful, with a few added territories for unit placement and movement. And the unit figures would of course be the following:  

Infantry = Earth Pony

Cavalry = Pegasus

Artillery = Unicorn

(Note: Unicorns on Earthborn would be de-horned, but they would still function just as much with scientific and mechanical knowledge at their disposal.)

This could even work for the ever-popular Solar Empire vs Luna Republic scenario or the Three Tribes.
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