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Just into some...other proyects.
Also studying for a japanese test, so wish me some luck will you?




Just into some...other proyects.
Also studying for a japanese test, so wish me some luck will you?
Dysentry is not cool. If I don't get better with the treatment for tomorrow I think I'll have to go to the hospital. Oh well. FUCK-YOU-STARBUCKS.
EQDV - Everfree Mastodon Variations by byLisboa
EQDV - Everfree Mastodon Variations

So, allow me if I may to promote a biiit further my proposal for an Everfree Tribes fan unit.
Certainly you remember (hopefully) the unit sheets that I think, now in retorspective, I kinda rushed. (Heck I even read some mean comments about my poor english that I find funny and friendly but seriously, screw you guys. XD)

Oh well, I am not even feeling like re-making them but rather expanding some in order to make them more visually attractive, and who knows, maybe someone with lore-building skills can find some nice backstory or make the history that I did for them even better.

So ok, this is one such unit: The Everfree Mastodon (Which I called 'Everfree Oliphant' in the original unit sheet. Renamed it because obviously all of these are heavy-tusked mammal behemots. Also, I liked the ring of the name.) And their variations. The way I envisioned...all units really, is that the Everfree Tribes somehow evolve during time. They start taming the smallest of the heavy beasts and they progress until they tame the higher beasts. Of course, Poor Yorick's take on the Swamp Hydra is THE ultimate Everfree Unit. Just compare the tiny pony beside it.

Obviously I used references for the units. Thankfully there is no shortage of war beasts illustrations and paintings on the net, so I only adapted them to the theme of the Everfree.

Notice not only the beasts but the riders as well. Celtic, Aztec, Indian, Amazonian, voodoo and African themes are all over it. Also, I highlighted the diversity of the house by putting donkeys and griffins there as well. I was even tempted to include a Tapir variation, but I thought that it wasn't too menacing because of the lack of tusks and also I had no place to put the poor dude so that's that.

So, individual comment on each beast variation:

-Boar. I like to think that they are the non-sentient cousins of the domestic pigs. Small but fierce, they eat all they can find. Stronger than a Wraith, Heavier than a Juggernaut. Won't stand a chance agaisnt two of them, though.

-Hippo. The next level of this heavy unit. Fast despite its size. The massive mouth and tusks give them high resistance.

-Rhino. I love to imagine that Equestria has its own version of the Unicorn legend. You know, that only a fair virgin was able to tame the unicorn beast? Well, Rhinos are not exactly unicorns, but sure are as fierce as the one of the legends. Hence the limitaton that only mares can tame these beasts. Also, I even came up with a crazy headcannon: What if enemy houses (Specially Earthborn) like to compete for taking down a Rhino Mastodon in order to claim the female riders as sexual bounty (Assuming they are able to submit them as well)? (Story material right here, boys)

-Elephant. Nothing much to say about this one, it was a must.

-Oliphant. The original one. It IS a LOTR ripoff. And maybe not that well-received, but I hope you reconsider. Used a figurine photo for reference (coughpartiallytracingcoughcough). Yet, even if the design is the same, I've made them smaller than their original movie/novel counterparts.
Say, you want a mobile land aircraft carrier? Fill these guys with pegasi. One note, these giants and unicorn magic don't mix well. So an unicorn tamer or rider can mean about 35% chances that you'll have a rampaging Mumakil on your map.

God, I love this lore. Can you tell?

-Oh, the COMIC, right? Those last two pages were the last ones i did after the loooong hiatus and only uploaded them recently. Hm...
MARCH/APRIL: Resuming the comic.
Ok, I've been asked a lot: what kind of music do I enjoy?
Weird that anyone would be interested in my personal tastes, but ok, I'll play along.

Usually I have in my music selection some stuff, mostly oldies, from 60s to 90s (Calling them oldies cuz, goddammit we are at 2015 already so deal with it.) Rock, New age and a biiit of techno. Trance, whatever.

I have no specific genre, it mostly depends in what mood am I, really. If I feel like sleeping of relaxing I put whatever soothing melody I find. If I feel a bit upbeat then well, oldies, rock, christian, you name it.

One thing I have is that yes, I know some current artists, but I only enjoy like, two or three songs from them. Or even one like Sia, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Lorde. One. Only one. Maybe because it's popular or because meh. Not feeiling like hearing more of them.

Now if you are wondering which artists/bands do I love (And I am talking about loving 20+ songs from each, disc collecting madness):

-Magna Canta
-The Bee Gees
-Lana del Rey

Oh and my absolute Favourite:
-The Beatles AND their member's solo works
-Paul McCartney
-George Harrison
-Ringo Starr
-John Lennon

So that's that.

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Nintendogamemaster Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
Te importaría si te doy ideas para los personajes que aparecieron recientemente en los comics? :)
byLisboa Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
A ver don, échele.
Nintendogamemaster Featured By Owner 13 hours ago

Comics Principales:
Officer Fluffles/Rought Diamond: Whitegold, Rarity podría sacarla de prisión para ser parte de la guardia, prometiendole joyas y otras cosas. 
Sheriff Tumbleweed: Obviamente Earthbound, debido a ser un earthpony y vivir en un pueblo similar a Appleloosa (y no mostrar algun rasgo de locura o avaricia, descartandolo de el culto o de Whitegold)
Cassie the Kelpie: Probablemente o neutral a la guerra, o Everfree.
Longhorn & the Cattle Rustlers: De nuevo, no estoy seguro, probablemente Earthborn, Whitegold o por si propia cuenta robandole a las 6 alianzas.
Bramble & Longhorn: Con Fluttershy al mando del bosque, puedo suponer que el rey Aspen esta muerto, y dudo que Fluttershy lo matara, probablemente fue una de las tropas de Applejack quien lo vencio, por lo tanto, Bramblew y Longhorn se pueden haber
Cherry Blossom: Es la hermana de Cherilee, creo que iria bien como guardaespaldas del refugio
Cloverleaf & Pete: Guardaespaldas junto con Cherry.

Friends forever:
Loop de Loop: Stormwing, obviamente. :)
Las gemelas que vender Phenominons en el comic de Twilight y Pinkie: olvide su nombre XD Pero las pondría en el culto.
Mina: No estoy seguro con ella...O bien neutral, o trabajando para Twilight por respetos a Luna o con Everfree.
Los asistentes de la alcaldeza: Culto de la risa XD

Charity: Debido a ser la admiradora n 1 de Rarity, White Gold
Brazes: Everfree
Krashface Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just a question that probably other Thousends asked you : did you take commissions ?

Also, always love your styl and your works about Equestria Divided !
Rafael49 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
ninaz34 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Thank you so much for the favorite! It really means a lot to me :)
husk55 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Lisboa it's been awhile. What's up? :)
cartman6x6 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
mmm un buen arte que tienes aqui, en especial la parte de los shipping de spike con las mane 6, quisa pueda ellas puedan ampliar su romance con algun otro jovencito personaje pero mas humano de otra serie? y si tienes facebook o skype para hablar sobre estas ideas y pueda ayudarte, gracias
Fujin777 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Good news,  your Equestria Divided Comic in all of its length (how long you wrote it) is in the Equestria Divided Group's Comics section.
byLisboa Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
And for that I thank you
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